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Termite Protection

On 14 April 2005, Maroondah City Council designated the entire municipality as being likely to be subject to attack by termites.

Any building work associated with any building except a detached class 10 building (i.e. garage, carport, non-habitable outbuilding) must have its structural members protected against infestation by termites in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2000.

The intent of these requirements is to provide a termite barrier that will ensure that termites will not enter a building by a concealed route. The installation of termite barriers will not stop termite activity from occurring on the allotment.

Following the installation of the termite barriers a durable notice must be fixed to the building in a prominent location advising the building occupants that the system should be inspected and maintained. The notice should be clearly written, on material that will not deteriorate or fade over time and be located in or near the meter box or similar location so that it can be easily seen and read by future owners of the building.

The Victorian Building Authority, CSIRO and Archicentre provide more detailed advice on termite management and tips for avoiding and managing termites.

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For further information, please contact Maroondah City Council Building Services
on 9298 4327

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