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Parking guidelines

Our parking and traffic laws are there to ensure the safe and fair use of our roads. Many people park illegally because it is convenient, without stopping to think that they might be inconveniencing others or putting them in danger.

"No Stopping" means no stopping at all - even if you are only stopping to let someone out of the car, and regardless of whether you leave the engine running and stay in the car.

You must not stop in a "No Parking" area unless dropping off or picking up passengers or goods. You must not leave the car or take longer than two minutes or the time limit on the sign.

Parking around schools

Parking signs around our schools are for the safety of our children. Many schools have "drop off" zones or specified parking areas. Council officers do patrol our schools and parking fines are mailed to offenders. Schools usually request Council officers attend and patrol parking areas due to concerns that school children's safety is being compromised by traffic offenders.

Caravans and trucks

It is illegal to park any type of vehicle over 7.5m in length on a roadway for more than one hour.

For further information, see the Road Traffic Act and Regulations at the VicRoads web site.

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