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Maroondah 2011 Youth Consultation

A group of Maroondah’s young leaders presented to Council the results of the Youth Services Peer Engagement Program and Maroondah 2011 Youth Consultation.

In 2011 Council agreed to implement Maroondah City Council’s Youth Engagement Strategy which outlines the actions that Council’s Youth Services team will take to actively engage with young people aged 12-25 in Maroondah.

Peer engagement program

One of the main elements of the strategy was the development of a large scale youth consultation - led and developed by graduates of the Maroondah Young Leaders Program.  They were recruited to the Peer Engagement Program, a six month youth participation program designed to involve young people in the development and implementation of Council’s youth engagement processes. Their main objective was to design and deliver a large-scale community consultation to identify the current needs and issues of young people in Maroondah aged 12-25 years.


The consultation was conducted between August and October 2011 and used a variety of methods including surveys, interviews and focus groups. The consultation included a diverse range of young people, with focus groups targeting young people with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness. It also included parents, service providers and other members of the community. Over 800 people participated in the consultation, including over 700 young people, making it the largest youth consultation Council has ever undertaken.

The results of the consultation have been compiled into a consultation report which will prove a valuable tool for Council and local youth services to understand what is going on for young people in Maroondah, and how things can be improved. The information will be distributed to service providers and the broader community to help ensure a collective approach to shared issues is taken.

Film of consultation findings

A short film called '700 Voices' has also been created to highlight the journey of the Peer Engagement Program participants and the findings of the consultation.

Maroondah Youth Consultation Report 2011

The Maroondah Youth Consultation Report 2011 and film are available on the Maroondah Youth Services website.

If you are interested in more detailed data on a particular area or further analysis of the available data, contact Council’s Youth Services team on 1300 88 22 33 or email mys@maroondah.vic.gov.au

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