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Yanggai Barring dam works

Yanggai dam

As part of the works that Council’s Bushland Maintenance Team performs to improve the ecology of Maroondah’s bushland reserves, works have commenced to maintain and desilt the dam at Yanggai Barring in Warranwood.

Council staff will be performing the maintenance works from mid March, for two weeks, to assist the dam to serve its two important functions within the Yanggai Barring area.

Works are being undertaken to install a flow control valve that will assist with controlling water levels in the dam as well as desilting works that will improve the dam’s ecology.

The works will improve the dam’s abilities to serve as a native wildlife habitat for the Yanggai Barring area.

Works will occur over a two-week period during which the works area will be fenced off to prevent access. Works form part of a long term series of Waterways Rehabilitation projects for Yanggai Barring, that will be staggered over the next two years.

Further information

For more information, on this and other Trees and Parks Maintenance or Bushland projects phone 1300 88 22 33.

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