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Waterway Quality

Urban development in Maroondah and Melbourne has resulted in significant declines in the water quality of our waterways. All the stormwater from our streets washes into the underground stormwater system and then into our creeks. This stormwater contains a range of pollutants including:

  • Commercial runoff, including oil, chemicals and waste
  • General litter such as plastic bags and cigarette butts
  • Sediment runoff from building sites
  • Chemical runoff from industrial sites
  • Fertiliser and pesticide runoff

These pollutants impact on the quality of water in our creeks by:

  • Smothering habitat which drives aquatic animals out of their home
  • Reducing oxygen levels from decomposition of green waste dumped into drains, such as lawn clippings, making aquatic habitats unsuitable for many species
  • Adding high levels of sediments, reducing the light available for the growth of plants
  • Increasing human health risks from syringes, broken glass and cans washing onto creek banks

You can help to protect our waterways by making these simple actions:

At Home

Make sure all rubbish, including cigarette butts, is put in a bin

  • Do not sweep leaves and green waste into the gutter. Compost them or make sure they are collected using Council or other collection services
  • Carry plastic bags while walking your dog so you can pick up their waste and place it in a bin
  • Don't put household chemicals, oils or paints into the stormwater system - dispose of them at a waste collection depot and clean your paint brushes without allowing waste water to enter the drains

Building Sites

  • Contain rubbish onsite
  • Stop erosion and keep mud from trucks and machinery onsite
  • Contain stockpiles onsite, making sure the stockpiles can't run into drains
  • Clean equipment onsite, using appropriate containment measures

For more information on stormwater protection on building sites contact Council's Strategic Planning and Sustainability Unit on 1300 88 22 33.

For more information on protecting our waterways visit  http://www.melbournewater.com.au/

To report pollution in a waterway call the EPA Pollution Watch Line on 9695 2777 (24 hours).

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