WalkSpot survey

The City of Maroondah has great places to walk, congregate and experience natural environments and we want to know where the best places are to walk.

The WalkSpot survey provides an opportunity to share your local walking experiences.

Your views will assist to inform how our neighbourhoods can improve to be walkable, vibrant and safe places.

What is WalkSpot

WalkSpot is an online survey to understand of people’s experiences, feelings and perceptions of walking locally. It involves the placement comments on a map to indicate the good and the not so easy places to walk.

The WalkSpot project is a collaboration between Victoria Walks, CrowdSpot and Maroondah City Council.

WalkSpot will be open for submissions until Friday 28 April.

How to participate

We encourage our residents to take the time to complete the survey.

If you have many places you like to walk or think can be improved, you can add multiple comments easily and quickly.

You can choose to provide comments in three ways on the interactive map:

  1. Adding a spot on the interactive map quickly and easily (by completing the survey).
  2. Commenting within an existing spot.
  3. Voting on an existing spot.

Let your fingers do the walking and share your walking spots and experiences.

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Please note

Your privacy is important. Your comments about places will be visible but personal details (e.g. email, age, gender, etc.) will not be made public. The information being requested is collected by CrowdSpot and will be used and held in accordance with CrowdSpot’s Privacy Policy.

Posting a dot is not a guarantee that the issue/concern identified will be resolved by Council. To report an immediate maintenance or incident contact Council on 1300 88 22 33.

Further information

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Council's Sustainable Transport Planner, Michael Blowfield on 9298 4452.

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