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Temporary and Mobile Food Premises

A state-wide registration and notification scheme for temporary and mobile food premises applies under the Food Act 1984.

How will this work?

StrEATrader is the new online registration and notification system for temporary and mobile food businesses in Victoria. 

Who is this for?

You must use StrEATrader if you:

  • sell food or drinks to the public at a stall, or from a trailer or van
  • hold a public barbeque (BBQ), eg. sausage sizzle
  • own a vending machine or own a water transport vehicle.

Even if you make food at home and sell it at the local farmers market you need to have an account on the StrEATrader website. The website is for both commercial and charitable fundraising activities.

Local Maroondah schools running fundraising events like fetes, hot dog day, or movie and pizza night, should first contact Council.

The process

StrEATrader is easy to use. Just register or notify your trading details online with your principal council.

What does "principal council" mean? This is the council district in Victoria:

  • in which your business prepares or stores food that is to be sold at a van, stall, or vending machine; or
  • if food is not usually prepared or stored beforehand by your business - the district in which you usually store the equipment for a stall, or garage your food van or water transport vehicle; or
  • if neither of the above apply - the district in which your usual business address is located; or
  • if you have such a place (ie where you store or prepare food, or store equipment, or garage your food van or water transport vehicle, or a business address) but it is NOT in Victoria - the district in which the food van, water transport vehicle, stall or vending machines will first operate in Victoria

Your application will automatically tell you what food class your temporary premises will be. Don't forget to keep your password and user name in a safe place for logging in later.

Your principal Council will review your registration or notification application and either accept it, request further information or reject it. Payments for registration will be required dependant on your temporary premises class. A Class 4 premises notification does not incur a fee.

Once your application has been accepted, a statement of trade can be submitted to the Council you wish to trade in.

You need only to register your business premises once if you undertake the same activities at multiple locations. You will need to register multiple premises only if you have multiple food vans, trailers or vending machines.

Remember to monitor your application status regularly because you cannot trade until both the registration and Statement of Trade have been accepted by Council. Remember to lodge your Statement of Trade at least five days prior to trading.

Your principal council’s Environmental Health Officers may also need to inspect your home or fixed premises prior to accepting your registration. Environmental Health Officers may inspect your stall, trailer, or barbeque you hold at the local hardware store.

Other information

Remember there may be further food safety requirements you need to complete prior to trading. Your principal council will alert you to these if applicable.

Please note that 'Bunnings Croydon' is located at 268-288 Maroondah Hwy Chirnside Park, 3116, which is in the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

If you have any queries about StrEATrader, or if you’re not sure if you need to register your business, contact Council’s Community Health Services team on 1300 88 22 33.

For more information, visit the StrEATrader website at https://streatrader.health.vic.gov.au

For tips on safe food handling such as safe food storage and display, hygienic food preparation and handling, food poisoning and how to prevent it, or personal hygiene for people working with food, visit the Department of Health website www.health.vic.gov.au/foodsafety.

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