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Street activities permits

Footpath trading in Croydon Main StreetThe Street Activities Policy has been developed to maintain the balance between commercial and fundraising activities and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience on Maroondah’s streets and commercial precincts.

An annual Street Trading Permit is required for all commercial trading on the footpath or occupation of the footpath.

If you want to conduct street activities you will need to apply for a permit. In some cases a Planning Permit and/or Food Act Registration may also be required.

What types of street activities require a permit?

You need to apply for a permit for the following street activities:

Please note that each application will be considered individually.

  • Tables and chairs
  • Goods display
  • A-Frame sign displays
  • Shade shelters, umbrellas
  • Freestanding barrier screens
  • Pot plants or planter boxes
  • Queuing for licensed premises
  • Street performance (busking)
  • Street art
  • Street selling
  • Community advertising billboards on Council land
  • Fundraising
    • General fundraising
    • Sale of organisation goods
    • Raffles
    • Doorknocks
  • Highway Collections/tin shakes 
  • Community food stalls and sausage sizzles
  • Real estate advertising signs on Council Land

Please see the Street Activities Policy for further details on these activities, and if other permits will also be required.

Footpath access

Generally, a corridor must be maintained on the footpath, from the building/property line of a business for a minimum distance of 1.2 metres.

No signs, goods, tables or chairs etc may be kept in this corridor.

Areas for each zone vary subject to local conditions. These variations will be considered as each application is assessed – see the following examples:

Footpath Trading Zone

Footpath zone showing trading activity zone

Corner Footpath Trading Zone

 Footpath zone with clear corner 

Applying for a permit 

You will need to complete a permit application form, which is available from the following links, or by phoning 1300 88 22 33. If you are applying for more than one activity, please complete all required application forms.

The application must include all required documentation and payment of applicable fee.

Charity and community groups must complete an application form but are not required to pay the permit fee.

Permit application forms

Street activities 

  • Tables and chairs
  • Goods display
  • A-Frame sign displays
  • Shade shelters, umbrellas
  • Freestanding barrier screens
  • Pot plants or planter boxes

 Street activities application form (PDF, 433 Kb)

Word Street activities application form (Doc, 207 Kb)

Street performance

Applications will be considered on merit and street performers may be required to provide reference and/or samples.

 Street Performance application form (PDF, 141 Kb)

Word Street Performance application form (Doc, 163 Kb)

Street Art

 Street Art application form (PDF, 162 Kb)

Word Street Art application form (Docx, 156 Kb)

Street selling

Council will support street selling by local businesses where the activity encourages healthy lifestyles, enhances the vibrancy of the area, encourages local business and is not in direct competition with other traders.

 Street Selling application form (PDF, 138 Kb)

Word Street Selling application form (Doc, 156 Kb)

Community advertising billboards on Council land 

Advertising billboards for approved non-profit Maroondah based community events may be considered at designated sites on Council land.

 Community Advertising billboards on Council land application form (PDF, 115 Kb)

Word Community Advertising billboards on Council land application form (Doc, 171 Kb)


  • General fundraising
  • Raffles
  • Sale of organisation goods
  • Doorknocks
  • Highway Collections/tin shakes 

 Fundraising application form (PDF, 377 Kb)

Word Fundraising application form (Doc, 167 Kb)

Real estate agent advertising signs on Council Land (A-boards)

The placement of temporary real estate agent signs (A-boards) requires a Street Trading Permit. Estate agents may be granted a permit for signs to be placed on the nature strip at or near a property for which the agent is acting. No sign may be placed on the road, on any roundabout, traffic island, or where it creates any hazard to pedestrian or vehicle safety.

 Real estate agent advertising signs on Council Land application form (PDF, 115 Kb)

Word Real estate agent advertising signs on Council Land application form (Doc, 154 Kb)

Renewal process

Permits expire annually on 30 September. Renewal notices are sent prior to this date.

If paying online, the permit will not be issued until a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (Certificate of Currency) has been received by:

Street Activities Policy 

See the Street Activities Policy

Fees and charges

See associated fees and charges.

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