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Flood and Storm Safe

Storm Safe

Maroondah is a storm-prone area, experiencing severe storm events on a regular basis, often resulting in property damage, flooding and personal injury.  StormSafe is a campaign that has been developed to assist ‘at risk’ communities prepare for storm events.

Council has joined forces with the State Emergency Service to promote StormSafe Week. It is important for residents to ensure their property is protected well before a storm occurs.

Tips to ensure your property is StormSafe:

  • Develop a home or business emergency plan. 
  • Assemble an emergency kit. 
  • Clean the gutters, downpipes and drains and ensure they are in good order and not blocked. 
  • Trim over hanging branches. 
  • Make sure your roof is in good repair. 
  • Tidy your yard and verandah to ensure unsecured items do not become potential missiles. 
  • Inspect and fix fences. 
  • Power blackouts can happen when storms damage powerlines. Have a torch and battery-operated radio. Keep mobile phone fully charged. 
  • Keep your yard or porch free of clutter. If weather warnings are issued, move outdoor furniture and play equipment into the garage or shed. 
  • Check that you have adequate building and contents insurance for your home or business. 
  • Keep an up to date list of emergency numbers near the telephone.

For further information on StormSafe Week contact Maroondah City Council on 1300 88 22 33 or visit the State Emergency Service's website at www.ses.vic.gov.au

Flood safe

Find out more on how to prepre your property and/or business during flooding:





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