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Septic Tank Systems

Installation or alteration

In areas where reticulated sewer is not available, waste water and sewage must be treated and contained within the boundaries of the property.

It is the responsibility of the owner/developer to submit a Land Capability Assessment to Council's Community Health Services for determination of whether a development should proceed, and if it does, what conditions should be placed on the land for the effective long term operation of a septic tank system.

It is the responsibility of Council's Community Health Services to ensure that new septic tank systems are installed in accordance with the Code of Practice - Septic Tanks, prepared by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

Property owners must apply for a permit to install or alter a septic tank system before works commence. Council's Environmental Health Officers will inspect the system during installation to ensure the septic tank system meets the guidelines and a Permit to Use will be issued to the owner.

Applications are available from any of Council's Service Centres, by telephoning Council's Community Health Services on 1300 88 22 33, or download the following form.

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