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Running an event in Maroondah

You need to seek permission from Council before hosting an event on Council land.

If your event is a community, cultural or environmental gathering, a commercial activity, a celebration or a sporting event such as a fun run or major football or cricket final, and it will be held on Council land, you will need to seek permission for the event.

Council land includes areas such as Council buildings, sporting reserves, open space, roads and car parks.

Applying to run an event

To host an event on Council land, you will need to:

Event Application Form

Apply online using our Online Event Application Form            

Note: If you need to leave the page before your application has been completed, ensure you:

  1. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  2. Note your resume code that will appear at the very top of the page. You will need this to resume your application later.
  3. When you return, select Resume at the base of the Event Application page and enter your resume code.

Alternatively you can print and complete a hard copy:

          Event Application Form (Doc, 600Kb)

Event approval

Completing the event form does not guarantee you the requested venue nor does it automatically permit your event to proceed. Once submitted, Council will review your Event Application Form and respond with a letter for you to sign and return, giving either:

  • in principle support and conditions
  • an explanation of why the event has not been approved.

We endeavour to reply to your application within 5 working days of receiving it.

Event Plan

If your event has been determined as being of medium risk by Council you will need to submit an Event Plan for Council to review and approve, as outlined in your letter of in principle support. A handbook is provided to help you prepare the plan.

Event risk Levels

Risk Level Event includes
 Low Risk

 Small event with

  • minimal infrastructure
  • no road closures or
  • not extensive activities

No Event Plan required

 Medium Risk

 Attendance is over 50 people

  • may include road closures
  • food and beverage trading
  • amusements
  • Staging of live performers

Event Plan required

 High Risk

 Event does not meet Council policies

  • insufficient time or
  • Council deemed unsafe activities

Event Planning & Procedure Handbook

Council has developed an Event Handbook to guide you in the process of developing an Event Plan.

pdf icon  Event Planning and Procedure Handbook (PDF, 719 Kb)

  Event Planning and Procedure Handbook (Word, 748 Kb)

Other useful event pages

The following pages offer helpful information on running events in Maroondah.

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A listing of halls available for hire showing facilities and capacity.

Busking and Leaflets
Information for people wanting to busk or hand out leaflets on Council land.

Community Temporary Advertising
Information on obtaining a permit for a temporary promotional sign for a community event.

Roadside Fundraising
Permit application process for temporary roadside fundraising, highway charity collections and doorknocking.

Temporary Food Permits
Information on obtaining Temporary Food Permits for special events.

Food Safety
Food Safety information including food poisoning, contamination and recalls.

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