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Road safety programs for seniors

Seniors stepping out safely

This program takes 40-60 minutes at your own venue.

Details to be covered include:

  • Selecting a safe route
  • Local collision hot spots
  • Mobility skills
  • Planning your trip
  • Safe pedestrian strategies
  • Myths and realities of safe travel
  • Update of road rules for pedestrians.

For further information contact Max Harris 0403 606 275 or email cmharris@alphalink.com.au

Wiser driver course

Program runs over 4 weeks x 2 hours each week.

Details to be covered are:

  • Road Rules revision
  • Car safety features
  • Remaining healthy and fit to drive
  • Reflecting on driving habits to increase driver safety
  • Discussion based small group informal setting
  • Free road rules and older driver handbooks.

For further information contact Hawthorn Community House Mobility Education Coordinator Judy Russell on 9819 5758 or email judy.russell@iechs.org.au

Keeping safe and mobile — wiser walker, wiser traveler

Program runs over 4 weeks x 2 hours each week. 

Details to be covered are:

  • Getting around without a car
  • Safe use of public transport and using MYKI with confidence
  • Tips for taxi use
  • Community Transport and support services
  • Travel planning & discounted travel passes
  • Being a safe pedestrian
  • Practical outings using public transport.

For further information contact Judy Russell on 9819 5758 oe email judy.russell@iechs.org.au

A three hour program at a venue of your choice 

  • How ageing affects your driving
  • Complex driving situations.
  • Legal responsibilities and insurance
  • Choosing a safe car
  • Using alternative transport
  • Avoiding social isolation.

The seminar is delivered by peer presenters, an RACV representative and a qualified occupational therapist.  It is a combination of the 2 programs listed below (RACV Years Ahead and Community Mobility for Older People Program.

For further information contact Kris Condron 9762 5909 or 0408 858 661.

Safer scooter, wiser wheelchair

Program runs over 4 weeks x 2 hours each week. 

Details to be covered are:

  • Road rules
  • Support services
  • Occupational therapy advice
  • Safe and responsible travelling
  • Using taxis and public transport
  • Legal requirements and insurance
  • Choosing the right mobility device.

For further information contact Judy Russell 9819 5758 judy.russell@iechs.org.au

In addition to the above RoadSafe funded programs, the two programs below are also available for seniors, but must be booked direct.

RACV years ahead program

This one hour road safety awareness presentation is designed for older road users. It covers information and advice on driving safely and aims to promote safer road user behaviours, continued mobility and quality of life for older people. The program is free and must be booked direct with RACV online or by phoning 9790 2915.

For further information visit the RACV website.

Community mobility for older people (CMOP) program

The TAC and La Trobe University have put together a one hour community health program for senior road users which provides information on road safety issues and ways to safely keep mobile around your community. The Community Mobility for Older People (CMOP) Program focuses on how individuals can keep mobile as they age and as their health needs change.The program is free and must be booked direct with LaTrobe University on 9479 5669.



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