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Road Management Plan

Maroondah City Council has adopted the 2013-2017 Road Management Plan to set reasonable standards in relation to the performance of road management functions, including the inspection, maintenance and repair of all Council's roads as listed in its Register of Public Roads.

In accordance with the Road Management Act 2004, Council proposes to amend its 2013-2017 Road Management Plan. The purpose of the amendments, is to clarify the work process, update references, revise selected intervention standards, revise selected response times and make miscellaneous updates where required.

The amended Road Management Plan’s public consultation period closed Friday 28 April 2017. For further information on the Road Management Plan, please contact Council’s Asset Management team on 9298 4435.

View the Road Management Plan

To view the Plan and related schedules, see the links below. As Schedule 8 is a large file, a copy of the document may be inspected at our Service Centres.

View Word versions of the Plan and Schedules

Road Management Plan Schedules 1-9

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