Ringwood MAC Masterplan Review

We're preparing a revised Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre (MAC) Masterplan.

What is the Ringwood MAC?

A priority of the Victorian Government’s blueprint for Melbourne’s growth, Ringwood is a designated Metropolitan Activity Centre.

Metropolitan Activity Centres (MACs) are important elements of the Government’s long-term plan to encourage and manage the sustainable growth of Melbourne’s suburbs. They are the highest priority areas for commercial and residential development and renewal outside of the Central Business District (CBD).

What is the Ringwood MAC Masterplan?

In 2004 Council introduced the Ringwood Transit City Urban Design Masterplan (Ringwood Masterplan).

The Masterplan promotes the Ringwood MAC as a key commercial, retail, industrial and residential location — strategically located within the expansive transport network of eastern Melbourne.

The Ringwood Masterplan identified Council’s vision for the Ringwood MAC and set a planning framework to encourage the realisation of its vision.

What is a masterplan?

A masterplan aspires to create diverse, compact and well connected communities that are affordable and rich in local jobs, transport access, services and culture. Protecting valuable natural and historical features and using land more efficiently is also important to building progressive communities.

These plans set out a blueprint for development and investment that will occur over many years.

Why review the Ringwood MAC Masterplan?

Since the release of the Ringwood MAC Masterplan, significant levels of regeneration, development, investment and change have occurred in the Ringwood MAC.

The Ringwood MAC is continuing to change and transition towards becoming a modern town centre rich with development opportunities that, if well managed, will be an exemplar activity hub for the local and sub-regional communities.


It's important to encourage a mix of land uses to create a vibrant and thriving centre. The Ringwood MAC comprises a number of land uses. The most predominate are residential and retail.

Residential uses are concentrated in the north west, eastern gateway and Pitt Street areas. While retail uses are found all along Maroondah Highway and through the centre of the precinct from Ringwood square to Eastland. Other common land uses in the precinct include automotive, technology and trade sales and services.

With development in the Ringwood MAC expected to continue, there is an opportunity to guide development to ensure the best possible outcome for current and future residents, workers and visitors. How future development can be accommodated without overloading infrastructure will be a key challenge to ensuring development is successful. The market in the Ringwood MAC is continuing to change, and with that change it is expected that the Ringwood MAC will continue to grow and develop.


Achieving a high quality built form is one of the cornerstones of livability and ensuring there is scope for a diversity of uses and activities to take place. The three dimensional form is more than just building heights, it's how buildings relate to the street edges and provide an inviting and engaging interface.

The quality of the public domain is also critical to the attractiveness and enjoyment of the place. It should have the potential to attract investment, bring people from the broader region to visit as well as providing for the needs of local residents, workers, students and visitors in the area from day to day.

The public realm comprises of parks, open spaces, public plazas, shared trails, streetscapes and other publicly accessible areas such as Ringwood Station and Realm. The public domain has an important role in bringing together the character of the area, providing amenity and areas of respite as well as public facilities that bring the community together — with the potential to shape the local identity, sense of pride and cohesion in the community.


Transport and accessibility will be vital components to the future success of the Ringwood MAC. As more residents call the Ringwood MAC home through new apartment developments and new employment opportunities attracting more workers, how people move through the precinct will become increasingly important.

Ringwood MAC Masterplan review survey

The survey is now closed. We will be using the survey results to help inform us to revise the Ringwood MAC Masterplan.

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