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Garbage Collection

Weekly Garbage Collection

You have the option of a 120L or 80L garbage bin, with a discount for choosing the smaller bin. The 80L bin is perfect for waste wise households, singles, couples or small families.

Not sure how to reduce the amount of garbage your household produces? See our tips for reducing waste or contact Council on 1300 88 22 33 for information on changing to an 80L bin. 

Your garbage is collected on the same day each week. Enter your address in My Maroondah to find out your collection day, or see our printable calendar for the year's dates.

Garbage Bin Guidelines

Items accepted

  • Rubbish, nappies, ceramics, meat & food scraps (bagged or wrapped)
  • Window glass, mirrors, Pyrex & light globes - must be securely wrapped for safety
  • Non-recyclable plastics such as plastic bags or polystyrene (bagged or wrapped)

Please ensure all garbage is bagged or wrapped securely, and do not overfill your bin - the lid must close completely

Not accepted

  • NO recyclables
  • NO hot ashes
  • NO chemicals
  • NO garden organics
  • NO syringes
  • NO liquids
  • NO unwrapped vacuum dust or polystyrene beads 
  • NO building renovation material
  • NO bricks, soil or rubble

Bin placement

  • As the trucks have a mechanical lifting arm, bins need to be positioned so that the mechanical arm can reach and lift
  • Please place bins near the kerb or roadside with the wheels nearest to the house or property
  • Avoid placing your bins too close to trees or light poles - at least 1m space is needed for safety
  • Avoid placing your bins behind parked cars
  • Please leave 30cm (about 1 foot) between each bin to allow space for the mechanical arm to access each bin
  • Make sure your bin is on the kerbside by 6am on the day of collection - ideally the night before
  • Please remove your bin from the kerbside within one day of collection.

Special bin placement instructions

Where special bin placement instructions apply (eg in dead end streets) please continue to obey these instructions. For safety and access reasons please place your bins outside the truck turning zone.

Special arrangements for dual occupancies, units and flats

Due to storage and bin placement issues at some multi-dwelling developments, residents may be on a 'share' system for their recycling and garden organics bins. This is determined on an individual basis by Council's Waste Management Unit.

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