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Recycling information for our Burmese community

Maroondah City Council has developed waste education material for our Burmese communities, which has been made possible due to funding from the Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund.

The translated information below aims to provide information on what items are acceptable in Maroondah Council recycling bins.

What can be recycled:

What you can recycle

  • A hlawn thei
  • A paih thei
  • Hlawn khawh a Si
  • Paih theih
  • Kipao thei hi.

What can't be recycled:

What you can't recycle

  • Cawhkuan
  • Lei chawi
  • Cawhkuan
  • Liu ding
  • Gaam ding.  

Further information

View the Burmese recycling in Maroondah flyer:

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