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Ringwood Activities Area Parking Permits

Through the Activities Centre program, the State Government aims to improve the use of sustainable transport, integrate transport services, and encourage higher density housing in the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre (MAC) (known previously as the Ringwood Activities Area and Ringwood Central Activities District).

Higher density housing development is likely to produce an increase in demand for on-street parking. Parking restrictions and permits have been introduced to share the available spaces.

Parking restriction and permit area

Council has introduced area wide, short term, 2 hour parking restrictions and permits for the North West Residential and Eastern Gateway precincts of the Ringwood MAC.

The map below shows the extent of the Ringwood MAC and two residential precincts which are bounded by:

  • North West Precinct – Ringwood Street, Maroondah Highway, Eastlink and Ringwood Bypass.
  • Eastern Gateway Precinct – Maroondah Highway, Ringwood Bypass and Warrandyte Road.

Council will also consider the future rollout of the parking restrictions to residential streets surrounding the Ringwood MAC as detailed in the Ringwood Activities Area Parking Permit Policy and the remaining portion of the North West Residential Precinct based on parking pressures and demands.

Ringwood Activities Area map

Permit eligibility

Residents residing in units, apartments and townhouses will not be eligible for an individual residential parking permit.

Individual resident parking permits are only available to residents residing in single house dwelling properties within the Ringwood MAC based on car ownership and the availability of onsite parking.

All residents within the residential area of the Ringwood MAC (as defined in the Ringwood Activities Area Parking Permit Policy) are eligible to purchase visitor parking voucher booklets, with a maximum of one booklet per property per month.

Applying for parking permits

Resident parking permit 

If you reside in a single house dwelling property (this does not include units, townhouse, apartments ect.) and wish to purchase a resident parking permit, please fill out the Ringwood Activities Area Resident Parking Permit Application Form and submit your application as detailed below.

PDF  Ringwood Activites Area Resident Permit Application Form (PDF, 298kb)

MS Word  Ringwood Activities Area Resident Permit Application Form (Docx, 168kb) 

Visitor parking permit voucher booklet

To purchase a visitor parking voucher booklet, please fill out the Ringwood Activities Area Visitor Parking Vouchers Application Form and present your application in person at Service Centres for immediate purchase.

PDF  Ringwood Activities Area Visitor Parking Vouchers Application Form (PDF, 330kb)

MS Word  Ringwood Activities Area Visitor Parking Vouchers Application Form (Docx, 432kb)

Submitting your application 

Your completed parking permit application and supporting documents can be submitted by:

  • Posting a copy of your permit application to Maroondah City Council, PO Box 156, Ringwood VIC 3134.
  • Emailing a scanned copy of your permit application to maroondah@maroondah.vic.gov.au
  • Faxing a copy of your permit application to (03) 9298 4345
  • Hand delivering your permit application to any of our Service Centres.

Note: If one of your supporting documents is a Statutory Declaration, please ensure it is the original document, and that it is mailed to us or it is sighted at a Service Centre. It cannot be faxed or emailed. 

Payment of parking permits

Parking permit applications will be assessed within 10 business working days. Once approved a permit will be issued.

Payment of parking permits can be made in the following ways: 

  • pay by post by sending a cheque or money order to Maroondah City Council, PO Box 156, Ringwood VIC 3134.
  • at any of our Service Centres by cash, cheque, money order or EFTPOS.
  • pay online (renewal only)
  • pay by telephone on 1300 370 717 - Visa or Master Card only (renewal only) 

Change of details

Please send us a Change of Address/Details form if you change your address or car registration numbers.

Further Information

Further information about the availability of parking permits and how they operate are available in Ringwood Activities Area Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any other queries relating to parking permits please contact Council on 1300 88 22 33. 


As Ringwood develops, the MAC will progressively incorporate higher density development which is likely to result in an increase in demand for on-street parking.

The supply and management of parking within the Ringwood MAC cannot be viewed as a stand-alone issue but needs to become a key aspect of both transport and land use planning for the Metropolitan Activity Centre. This integrated approach will ensure Maroondah City Council can promote and support:

  • lifestyles that are less car dependent
  • transport provision that is more socially inclusive
  • development that is more sustainable in terms of energy and pollution
  • settlements that are more attractive and user-friendly.

The Maroondah City Council Ringwood CAD Parking Strategy, endorsed by Council in October 2009, was undertaken to provide a range of policies and actions that would address the future parking needs of residents and visitors to the Ringwood MAC.  

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