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Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

A priority of the Victorian Government’s blueprint for Melbourne’s growth, Ringwood is a designated Metropolitan Activity Centre.

Metropolitan Activity Centres (MACs) are important elements of the Government’s long-term plan to encourage and manage the sustainable growth of Melbourne’s suburbs. They are the highest priority areas for commercial and residential development and renewal outside of the Central Business District (CBD).

Watch the video 'Creating a Strong Vision: Maroondah City Council' to see our vision for Ringwood:

Ringwood as a Metropolitan Activity Centre

Ringwood is an important strategic location because it: 

  • is at the junction of Eastlink and the Eastern Freeway with excellent connections to the metropolitan arterial road network
  • is at the junction of the Lilydale and Belgrave rail lines and ten bus routes
  • is a key gateway between Melbourne’s CBD and the Yarra Valley
  • serves a large catchment area in Melbourne’s outer east and supports a range of land uses and activities.

As the key Metropolitan Activity Centre in Melbourne’s outer-east, Ringwood is the focus of significant public and private investment, employment growth and renewal.

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Vision

  • Melbourne's outer east urban destination
  • Advanced road and rail network
  • Vibrant and contemporary town centre
  • Retail, commercial, employment, leisure, residential opportunities
  • Natural landscapes
  • Integrated and sustainable

Investment in integrated and sustainable development around first class transport services positions Ringwood as the key new urban destination of Melbourne's east with a thriving city centre, active local economy and contemporary lifestyle options.

Ringwood will boast a vibrant and contemporary town centre with integrated and sustainable retail, commercial, leisure, civic and residential activities set in a natural landscape connected through an advanced road and rail network.

Realising the vision for Ringwood will accrue significant net benefits for Victorians, spanning across productivity improvements, congestion and infrastructure cost savings, better accessibility to jobs and services, improved amenity and more affordable housing.

Ringwood's Metropolitan Activity Centre program will revitalise this strategic location and make Ringwood economically stronger and a better place to live, work and visit.

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Map

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Map

The Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre is the area of Ringwood bound by Heatherdale Road to the west, the Ringwood Bypass to the north, Ringwood Lake to the east and the Belgrave/ Lilydale rail line to the south.

Ringwood Going Places website

Ringwood Going Places

Dedicated website for Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre developments, initiatives, news and events.

View Ringwood Going Places website


Council's new library, cultural, knowledge and innovation centre in the heart of Ringwood, which opened on Thursday 29 October 2015.

View Realm

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Masterplan

Masterplan and precinct plans for the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

View Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Masterplan

Ringwood Major Developments

Masterplan and precinct plans for the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

View Ringwood Major Developments

Eastland Shopping Centre Stage 5 redevelopment

QIC Global Real Estate, owner of Eastland, has commenced construction of a $665 million expansion of the shopping centre

View Eastland Shopping Centre Stage 5 redevelopment

Ringwood Station and Bus Interchange Upgrade

The Victorian Government has completed a $66 million upgrade of Ringwood Station and Bus Interchange

View Ringwood Station and Interchange Upgrade


View Aquanation

Former Ringwood Market Site

The development of the former Ringwood Market site includes the construction of Victoria's second Costco store

View Former Ringwood Market site

Lake to Creek Link

Improving the recreational circuit for walking and cycling in and through Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

View Lake to Creek Link

Sherbrook Parklands

Revitalising the network of parklands areas within the North West Residential Precinct of Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

View Sherbrook Parklands project

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre CCTV

Council has installed CCTV in Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

View Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre CCTV

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Parking Permits

Introduction of parking restrictions and permits to the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

View Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Parking Permits

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