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Public Health Nuisances

Council's Community Health Services may be able to assist residents with problems related to:

  • smell: Perhaps due to a broken sewer, abandoned garbage, stagnant swimming pool, or lack of cleanliness with animal keeping.
  • smoky wood heater: Excessive smoke continuing for longer than 30 minutes after the fire is started indicates a problem. There may be problems with the type of material being burnt or how the wood is being stored.
  • drainage: Leaking sewerage or stormwater drains, and water seepage problems.
  • mosquitoes: Stagnant water accumulating in car tyres, old pot plant containers, unused swimming pools etc can create a breeding area for these insects.
  • asbestos is often identified when older buildings are demolished. Asbestos needs to be handled correctly to avoid exposure. Advice on the correct handling and disposal of asbestos is available.

For further information contact Council's Community Health Services on 1300 88 22 33.

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