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PartySafe Program

PartySafe in Maroondah

Hosting a party at home or at a local venue can be a lot of fun and will hopefully be an event that you will remember in years to come.

As a host, you will be hoping that your guests enjoy the party, free from gatecrashers or intoxicated guests causing trouble.

The PartySafe program is a Victoria Police initiative that:

  • Provides tips on how to host a safe party
  • Prevents your party being ruined by unwanted guests
  • Encourages the reponsible serving of alcohol
  • Assists local police to help keep your party safe

Police and Maroondah City Council encourage all party hosts in Maroondah to register their party with PartySafe. All it takes is a visit to the police station to register. Once registered, you will receive a PartySafe information kit that contains information on strategies that will assist in making your party safe and enjoyable for you and your guests. This kit is a useful tool and should be utilised when planning for your party!

Your local police will also arrange a time that suits you to drive by and check on your party. Should there be a problem, the attending police officers will have your name and other details that will assist them in getting the problem sorted out quickly with minimum fuss.

If you are hiring a Council owned facility within Maroondah, you will also be asked to register your party with PartySafe as a condition of hire. Your contact at the hall can provide you with a PartySafe registration form and a confirmation slip for you to return once the party is registered. Again, your local police will work with you to ensure that your party is safe and that your night is a night to remember - for all the right reasons.

For more information on PartySafe contact your local police station or visit www.police.vic.gov.au.

To download a copy of the Victoria Police PartySafe Brochure and Registration Form, please click on the links below:

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