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Parking restrictions & permits


In any area there will be a variety of parking options available (all day and time restricted).  Restrictions may vary, please ensure you obey signs at all times.

All day parking in Croydon

Parking restrictions apply in Croydon car parks.  Please see the following map for details of parking restrictions and all day parking areas in Croydon. A printable version is also provided.

Croydon Parking Restrictions - click for larger map image 

Printable map

PDF  Croydon parking restrictions map - printable version (PDF, 651Kb)

Word  Croydon parking restrictions map - printable version (Docx, 721Kb)

Resident parking permits – Ringwood Activities Area

As Ringwood develops, higher density housing development is likely to result in an increase in demand for on-street parking.

Short term parking restrictions and a permit and voucher system is being introduced in residential streets within the Ringwood Activities Area (as shown in the map). 

Ringwood Activities Area

Residents have the opportunity to apply for resident parking permits and visitor parking vouchers:

  • resident parking permits will be available to residents residing at single house dwellings within the Ringwood Activities Area, based on car ownership and the availability of onsite parking
  • visitor parking voucher booklets can be purchased by all Ringwood Activities Area residents. 

More on Ringwood Activities Area resident parking permits and visitor parking vouchers

Resident parking permits – other areas

Parking permits are available for residents in the following streets within Maroondah.

To apply for a resident parking permit, you need to apply in writing using the following application form. Your resident parking permit will be sent to you within 10 business days after we receive your application.

PDF  Resident parking permit application form (non RAA) (PDF, 80Kb)

Word  Resident parking permit application form (non RAA) (Doc, 94Kb)


  • Albert Street
  • Arlington Street
  • Bedford Road (properties between 17 and 43 - even no's only)
  • Ellison Street
  • Greenwood Avenue
  • Heatherbrae Avenue West
  • Hillcrest Avenue
  • James Street
  • Kendall Street
  • Margaret Street
  • Mary Street
  • Pitt Street
  • Thanet Court
  • Wilana Street

Ringwood East

  • Angus Avenue
  • Bona Street
  • Davey Drive
  • Dunn Street
  • Eastfield Road
  • Everard Road
  • Evon Avenue
  • Fairview Avenue
  • Freeman Street
  • Grey Street
  • Hill Street
  • Holland Road
  • Howship Court 
  • King Street
  • Laurence Grove
  • Lois Street 
  • Miller Grove 
  • Mirabel Avenue
  • Morinda Street
  • Mt Dandenong Road
  • Odette Court
  • Oke Street
  • Old Lilydale Road
  • Patterson Street
  • Purser Avenue
  • Short Street
  • Sunbeam Avenue
  • Tad Court
  • Valda Avenue
  • Velma Grove
  • Ware Crescent 


  • Alfrick Road (1 permit only)
  • Alto Avenue
  • Anzac Street
  • Ellesmere Avenue
  • Gallipoli Parade
  • Jackson Street
  • Lemnos Street 
  • Mount View Street
  • Railway Crescent
  • Ridgway Avenue
  • Starcross Avenue


  • Wainui Avenue

Bayswater North

  • Stuart Street

Where the permit applies

Permits provide exemption from parking restrictions that apply to the specific area on local Council roads for which they are issued, but do not provide exemption from

  • restrictions that limit parking to less than one hour
  • Stopping or other prohibited parking spaces or areas, including clearways and other areas in which parking of vehicles is prohibited under the Victorian Road Traffic Regulations.

Permit conditions in these areas may change at any time - residents will be advised in writing if this occurs.

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