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Multi Dwelling Development

Why you need a planning permit

Development of land in Maroondah is subject to the granting of a planning permit, without which a penalty may apply.
Council approval is given on the basis that your application:

  • complies with the relevant provisions of the Maroondah Planning Scheme and Neighbourhood Character; and
  • has no material detrimental effect upon owners or occupants of adjacent properties in the locality.

Once your application has been submitted, Council will assess your plans and information, inspect your property and determine whether your application may be approved.

The proposed development should take into consideration:

  • neighbourhood character
  • site layout, landscaping including location of canopy trees
  • energy efficiency
  • infrastructure
  • visual and acoustic privacy
  • car parking and vehicle access
  • private and communal open space

How to lodge an application

  1. Complete an application form, ensuring that the owner or authorised agent has signed the application or is aware of it
  2. Attach a current copy of the Certificate of Title of the property to be developed (including any encumbrances)
  3. If your estimated cost of development is more than $1 million, please visit the State Revenue Office website to determine if you need to pay the Metropolitan Planning Levy (MPL) prior to logging your application with Council.
  4. Attach 3 copies of plans showing the site to scale, including plans and elevations (scale of 1:200) of existing buildings and proposed development (include one copy of A1 plan and two copies of  A3 plans).

  5. Site analysis and Site Context plan showing the location of neighbouring buildings
  6. Pay appropriate fee (Council staff can assist you with the Fee Structure).

Note: Planning fees are not subject to GST.

What happens next?

Advertising may be required, especially if the development affects adjoining properties. Advertising may include:
  • notifying owners and occupiers of adjoining land by mail
  • placing and maintaining a notice on the land for 14 days
  • placing a Public Notice in the local newspaper.

Additional fees apply for the advertising service.

Council cannot decide on the application until the advertising process has been completed. Objections may be lodged by any person who opposes the granting of a permit. The objection must be in writing and received by Council prior to the application decision being made.

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