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Where is Maroondah?

Maroondah is located in the state of Victoria in Australia, and is 25 kilometres east of the Melbourne Central Business District.

Maroondah's suburbs and postcode

 Bayswater North  3153  Ringwood  3134
 Croydon  3136  Ringwood East  3135
 Croydon Hills  3136  Ringwood North  3134
 Croydon North  3136  Vermont (part)  3133
 Croydon South  3136  Warranwood  3134
 Heathmont  3135  Wonga Park (part)  3115
 Kilsyth South  3137  

Position of Maroondah in the state of Victoria

Position of Maroondah relative to the Eastern Freeway and Maroondah Highway


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