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Lost Dogs & Cats

If your pet is wearing its Council registration tag it will have a better chance of being returned to you quickly.

Finding your pet

If your dog or cat is lost you can record their details on a Lost and Found Register with Maroondah City Council's Local Laws on 1300 88 22 33.

We recommend that you contact the RSPCA (03 9224 2222)  and Victorian Animal Aid Trust at Coldstream (03 9739 0300) and leave your animal's details with them also.

If Council finds your pet

If a Council Ranger picks up your dog or cat, and Council can't contact you, your pet will be taken to the  Animal Aid in Coldstream where it will be cared for until it is claimed.

Animal Aid
35 Killara Road
03 9739 0300

When you collect your animal from the Animal Aid you will be charged a release fee, which covers the costs incurred in caring for your pet.  This fee is required under State Legislation.

Maroondah City Council fines will also apply and will be sent separately.

Confining dogs or cats to your property

The benefits of confining your pet include:

  • Confined pets tend to live much longer and healthier lives than those who are allowed to roam.
  • Confined pets will be safe from traffic injuries or fights with other animals.
  • Confining your pet prevents it from wandering and becoming lost.

Confining your dog

You are required to securely confine your dog to your property. This means your yard must have a closed gate and an escape-proof fence that your dog cannot jump, get under or go through.

If it is evident that your dog is not securely confined, you can be fined even if it doesn’t actually leave your property.

It is also important to ensure that visitors have safe access to your front door, without being impeded by your dog. 

Confining your cat

As a responsible pet owner, please do not allow your cat to trespass on other people’s property.

If your cat does trespass more than once, it may be seized and impounded. Council will issue an order to stop your cat trespassing, and if you don’t comply you can be fined.

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