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Liberty Swing

Liberty Swing in useThanks to the Variety Club of Victoria and a generous donation from Connect East, Maroondah has a Liberty Swing at Ringwood Lake Park.

The Liberty Swing is a revolutionary design in play equipment, which offers people in wheelchairs the opportunity to enjoy the fun and recreation of swinging.

The Liberty Swing is safe and simple to use, and has a number of special features. The swing is an enclosed apparatus that enables a wheelchair to swing from its frame.

The Liberty Swing is also fitted with a ‘pop up’ chair to cater for those with limited mobility.

To ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable experience the Liberty Swing includes:

  • ramp access
  • wheel locking mechanism
  • safety harness
  • pop up seat
  • clear instructions on how to use the chair
  • easy to use key providing access to the swing.


Ringwood Lake Park

  • Cnr Maroondah Highway and Mt Dandenong Road, Ringwood
  • Near the Liberty Swing and playground, close to Maroondah Highway.

Changing Places location near Ringwood Lake playground

Accessible parking

  • General parking is available via the entrance on Mount Dandenong Road
  • A special long parking bay is available on Maroondah Highway.

Changing Places car parking

Access to the Liberty Swing

An MLAK key is needed to access the Liberty Swing.

The Liberty Swing MLAK key is available from Council Service Centres .

THis Liberty Swing key provides access to all Liberty Swings throughout Australia.

About the Liberty Swing

For further information about the Ringwood Lake Liberty Swing, view the Liberty Swing brochure or contact Council on 9298 4459 or by email.

For more information on Liberty Swings, visit the Liberty Swing website.

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