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Legal Point of Discharge

A Legal Point of Discharge is the point which is specified by Council as the stormwater outlet point for an individual property, and may include connection to:

  • a Council underground stormwater pipe or pit within Council land, an easement, or within road reserve
  • kerb and channel (with an approved kerb adaptor)
  • a table (open/swale) drain
  • a Melbourne Water major drain, subject to Melbourne Water conditions.

Applying for a Legal Point of Discharge statement 

A Legal Point of Discharge statement is provided in accordance with section 62 of Council’s Local Law No. 11 and section 610 of the Building Regulations 2006.

You can apply and pay for the statement online, in writing, or in person using the Property Information application form. Please ensure that you select the section on the form relating to Building Regulation 610.

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