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Heathmont traffic calming and road rehabilitation

Maroondah City Council has a continuing commitment to improve road safety within the municipality and this commitment is reflected in our support of the Victorian Road Safety Strategy. This strategy is designed to keep Victoria at the forefront of Australian and international efforts to reduce road trauma, to deliver continuing improvements to the road transport system, and to improve safety for all Victorian road users.

There has been local support in the past requesting traffic calming in Heathmont Road, Heathmont. Funds have been allocated for the 2016/17 financial year for the detailed design of traffic calming in Heathmont Road. The works will also include the renewal of the kerb and asphalt surface along Heathmont Road, from Wainui Avenue to Great Ryrie Street.

Traffic study

There has been a detailed traffic study of three of the Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) treatments following queries raised by residents during consultation on the LATM concept design. The following treatments were examined:

  • proposed realignment of the intersection of Balfour Avenue with Heathmont Road
  • two (2) pedestrian refuges near Edith Street and Edna Street
  • proposed realignment of the intersection of Wainui Avenue with Heathmont Road.

The traffic study examined the treatments proposed within the concept design, the site constraints, different treatment options, and provided a recommended option for each treatment. Council proposes to incorporate the recommended options into the detailed design.

A copy of the O’Brien Traffic report can be viewed below:

 Heathmont traffic calming and road rehabilitation design (PDF, 7.5 Mb)

View the plans

Concept plans of the proposed Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) treatments have been prepared and the plans are available to viewed below:

 Heathmont Road LATM Concept Plan (including signage) (PDF, 6.7 Mb)

 Heathmont Road LATM Concept Plan (single sheet layout) (PDF, 3.5 Mb)

Key elements of the plans

Some of the key elements of the concept LATM design include:

  • three proposed raised intersections
  • three proposed raised pavements
  • two pedestrian refuges near Edith Street and Edna Street
  • alterations to Balfour Avenue and Wainui Avenue intersections
  • a parking lane along eastern side of road, from Edna Street to Great Ryrie Street.

The proposed design will complement the existing raised intersection at Carbery Place as well as the linemarking alterations undertaken in October 2016 outside the Heathmont Station.

The linemarking changes to the north of Edith Street will function similarly to the recent linemarking changes in front of the station, with the marking of two through traffic lanes and the addition of a parking lane on the eastern side of Heathmont Road.

Pedestrian refuges near Edith Street and Edna Street are a key component of the concept design and will improve safety for pedestrians crossing Heathmont Road to access footpath connections to the rail line pedestrian crossings. No Stopping parking restrictions will be required either side of the pedestrian crossings.

Whilst a parking lane will only be marked on the eastern side, parking will still be allowed along the western side of Heathmont Road (north of Edna Street), in accordance with the Victorian Road Rules. This arrangement will assign priority to southbound vehicles and clearly identify that northbound vehicles are required to give way to oncoming vehicles when passing a parked car.

Also, it is noted that 2 hour parking restrictions have recently been installed on the western side of Heathmont opposite the Heathmont Station, with residential properties fronting the restrictions eligible for parking permits for exemption to the two hour limit. These restrictions have been installed due to the proximity to the station in order to maintain traffic flow and to ensure an appropriate balance of parking is available to residents and visitors to the area.

It is not proposed to install any time based parking restrictions opposite the proposed parking lane to the north of Edith Street as significant on road commuter parking is not expected to be an issue due to distance from the station and an expected reduction in commuter parking around Heathmont Station following completion of the Bayswater level crossing removal works. Council will however continue to monitor the parking levels in this location.

Further information

Works will take place throughout 2017/18 and further updates will be provided to residents as the detailed design progresses.

For further information on the works please contact Maroondah City Council’s Project Engineer, Matthew Wright, on 9298 4357.

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