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Becoming an age-friendly city

Active & Healthy Ageing InitiativeBy 2020, over 40 per cent of Maroondah's population will be aged over 45 years.

The Active & Healthy Ageing Initiative will help Council and the community prepare for an ageing population. It will explore the features of an age-friendly city and identify priority areas and initiatives specific to Maroondah.

See Maroondah's Active & Healthy Ageing Initiative

World Health Organisation Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities

Maroondah City Council is pleased to announce that the City of Maroondah has been accepted as a member of the World Health Organisation's Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities Network. 

This network was formed in response to global population ageing and focuses on action at the local level that fosters the full participation of older people in community life and promotes active and healthy ageing.  

Selection is in recognition of Council's commitment to listen to the needs of our ageing population, assess and monitor age-friendliness and to work collaboratively with older people and across sectors to create accessible physical environments, inclusive social environments, and an enabling service infrastructure.  The Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities provides a world-wide platform for information exchange, mutual learning and support.  

Maroondah City Council will continue its commitment to becoming more age friendly through the ongoing delivery of our Active & Healthy Ageing Initiative. 

For more information regarding our age-friendly journey please contact the Active & Healthy Ageing Coordinator on 9294 5790 or by email.

An age-friendly city

An age-friendly city encourages active ageing by optimising opportunities for participation, health and security as people age in our community.

There are eight themes that influence the health and quality of life of people as they age:

  • Outdoor spaces and buildings
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Social participation
  • Respect and social inclusion
  • Civic participation and employment
  • Communication and Information
  • Community support and health services

Making our community age-friendly not only supports active and healthy ageing, it also creates sustainable, healthy communities that benefit everyone.

About World Health Organisation and age-friendly cities

In 2006, the World Health Organisation consulted with people in 22 countries and 33 cities around the world to find out what the challenges of ageing were in their respective cities and to build on their active ageing framework.

Focus groups were set up with people aged 60 years and older and they were asked the following questions:

  • What are the age-friendly features of the city they live in?
  • What problems do they encounter?
  • What is missing from the city that would enhance their health, participation and security?

As a result of these discussions, the WHO Age-friendly Guide and the WHO Age-Friendly Checklist were developed as a self-assessment tool to help countries and cities all over the world to start mapping their age-friendliness progress.

Maroondah Healthy Ageing Network

The Maroondah Healthy Ageing Network  provides an opportunity for groups that have a focus on older residents to meet, share information and support each other. The network meets on a bi-monthly basis at Realm, Ringwood Town Square precinct. 

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