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Good Neighbours

Promoting positive neighbourly relations

  • Talking to your neighbour
  • Inviting your neighbour to a barbecue
  • Taking pride in your investment
  • Registering, confining and loving your pet
  • Considering you neighbour when playing loud music

Pet Care

  • If you are away from home, your dog or cat may miss you. If it's lonely or bored, bad habits like howling, barking or wandering can start. Keep your pet occupied with toys and ensure you walk your dog daily.
  • Ensure your pet is registered so that it may be returned safely to you should it wander.

Garden Care

  • You can no longer burn-off garden refuse except where property is a minimum of 1 hectare in size.
  • Untidy gardens are not only unsightly, they also create problems like fire hazards or attracting snakes. Why not pool resources and share costs of skip, tool or trailer hire in a joint clean-up?
  • If you are going away, remember your garden is constantly growing, creating overgrown lawns. Make arrangements for its care.
    Good Neighbours - The Philosophy

Maroondah City Council promotes 'good neighbours' to foster healthy, cooperative and peaceful living in the City of Maroondah.

Local Laws staff are on hand to provide advice on solutions to problems and/or dilemmas facing members of the neighbourhood.

Maroondah City Council actively encourages good communications between neighbours to minimise the need for enforcement through Local Laws

After all, it's far better to come to a mutually satisfying agreement with your neighbour than have to call in the 'Municipal Cops'.

For more information contact Local Laws on 1300 88 22 33 or visit our offices in Civic Square, Croydon

Postal Address: PO Box 156, Ringwood, 3134

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