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Footpaths & Naturestrips

Residents and property owners are encouraged to care for their nature strip area. If Council or Service Authorities undertake any works in the nature strip areas, Council and Service Authorities will repair any damage to the nature strip that the works may have incurred.

Damaged Footpaths

Please report any damage to footpaths to Council as soon as you can. Information we may require is the location, street and house number, and the type of footpath (ie concrete, asphalt, gravel). Once reported, the area is inspected and investigated for the cause of damage, made safe, and immediately placed on a maintenance schedule for replacement according to priority.

Crossings & Laybacks

Quite often vehicles may cause damage to crossings (concrete section from edge of road to driveway), due to heavy machinery needing property access. If you see any damage of vehicle crossings, please notify Council so that the property owners may be contacted and requested to repair the damage.

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