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Food Handling Seminars

At present, there are no confirmed dates for 2017 Food Handling Seminars. Please contact Council's Community Health Services on 9294 5603 to register your interest.

Council's Food Handling Seminars generally cover:

  • food legislation
  • what is food poisoning?
  • causes of food poisoning
  • food allergies
  • understanding food contamination
  • cleaning and sanitising
  • food safety programs
  • food safety supervisors
  • food safety templates
  • basic food hygiene
  • pest control.

Please note that these seminars are aimed at general food handlers and do not meet requirements for Food Safety Supervisor training.

Tailored sessions can be arranged for groups of 10-20 people (either at Council or at your own site) at a cost.

Environmental Health Officers are available to give short talks to local school students on food handling, the requirements for running a food business, and other aspects of public health including infection control.

Further information

For further information contact Community Health Services on 1300 88 22 33.


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