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Indigenous Flora & Fauna

Maroondah has a vast diversity of flora and fauna. There are thirteen distinct habitat types within Maroondah. These habitat types are:

  1. Wetlands
  2. Herb-rich Plains Grassy Wetlend
  3. Swamp Scrub
  4. Manna Gum riparian forest
  5. Swamp Gum forest
  6. Silver-leafed Stringybark forest
  7. Messmate Subriparian forest
  8. Mixed eucalypt forest of Silver-leafed Stringybark
  9. Mixed eucalypt forest of Messmate Stringybark
  10. Messmate and Narrow-leafed Peppermint
  11. Yellow Box - Candlebark Forest
  12. Peppermint and Bundy forest
  13. Box-Stringybark Woodland

There are approximately 460 indigenous flora species in Maroondah. Of these there are nine plants in Maroondah that are listed as Rare or Threatened under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (1988). Some of these species include the Swamp Everlasting, Lindley's Spider Orchid, Kilsyth Sth Spider Orchid, Tall Wallaby Grass, Thin Duckweed, Golden Cowslip, two species of Diuris and the Sharp Greenhood.

Maroondah has 117 indigenous bird species. Fragmentation of remnant habitat has meant that nearly all indigenous bird species recorded in the municipality are of biological significance at a municipal level. There are four bird species that occur in Maroondah that have not previously been recorded in the Atlas of Victorian Wildlife. They are the Royal Spoonbill, Australian Shelduck, Black-winged Stilt and Olive Whistler.

Mammals in Maroondah include the Koala, Swamp Wallaby, Echidna and the native Water Rat. In total Maroondah has 18 indigenous and 6 introduced mammals. Some of these species include the White-striped Freetail bat, Common Ringtail Possum, Brown Antechinus and Sugar Glider.

Maroondah has two major creeks and many wetlands that support nine species of frogs some of these species include the Peron's Tree Frog, Spotted Marsh Frog and the Southern Toadlet.

Other fauna include reptiles such as the Red-bellied Black Snake, White-lipped Snake, Lowland Copperhead Snake, Blotched Blue Tongue, McCoy's Skink and the Common Long-necked Tortoise. There are 10 species of reptile recorded in Maroondah's Sites of Biological Significance Study in Maroondah Vol. 1. Lorimer et al. 1997. There are 24 species of butterfly recorded including the elusive Sword-grass Brown Butterfly. There are many other species that have not been recorded and are yet to be discovered.

For further information please refer to Maroondah's Environmental Publications or contact Council on 1300 88 22 33.

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