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State Government Fire Services Property Levy

On 1 July 2013 the State Government introduced a Fire Services Property Levy to fund the state’s fire services. The levy replaces the existing insurance-based funding model.

The Fire Services Levy is an initiative of the State Government to address concerns that were raised about the operation of the current Fire Services Levy during the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

The Royal Commission recommended that the current Fire Services Property Levy be replaced with a property-based levy, which is aimed at ensuring all property owners pay a fair contribution to fire services, and that Victoria’s fire services continue to operate equitably and with sufficient resources.

The levy is not Council revenue; it will be transferred directly to the State Government

Who will collect the levy?

The new system requires Councils to collect the levy on behalf of the State Government through the property rates notice.

The levy will be applied to land and buildings, including those owned by Council. The State Government has decided that Local Government will collect the levy on its behalf as part of Council’s annual rates process and it will appear on 2014/15 Council rate notices.

How is the levy calculated?

The levy will consist of a fixed component ($105 for residential and $205 for non-residential properties) as well as a variable charge assessed on your property’s capital improved value.

This variable charge is calculated using the capital improved value of the property and a rate that will vary depending on whether the property is

  • residential, commercial or industrial
  • in a CFA or MFB area – Maroondah has both CFA and MFB areas.

The State Government’s Fire Services Property Levy website has a calculator which helps you calculate how much you will pay. 

Concession card holders

Property owners who currently receive a concession on their Council rates will also receive a concession on the Fire Services Property Levy, which is a $50 discount from the total levy amount. 

Fire Services Property Levy Monitor

The State Government has set up a Fire Services Property Levy Monitor, which will enforce the new consumer protection laws in relation to the insurance premium prices and the levy.

Anyone can make a complaint to the Monitor about their insurance-based fire service levy arrangements. The office will take the information to determine if an unlawful act has occurred in relation to the insurance-based fire levy services. The Monitor can also assist in resolving a dispute.

To contact the Fire Services Levy Monitor:

Further information

For more information visit the State Government’s Fire Services Property Levy website

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