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Keeping Dorset Recreational Reserve clean

Dog waste is a significant source of litter at Dorset Recreation Reserve — with droppings posing a dangerous threat to native species and the waterways that surround the reserve.

When using the reserve we need to dispose of litter correctly and always clean up after our pets. Council has installed eight new bins around the reserve, so please plan ahead and know the bin locations when visiting the area.

Bin location map

 Bin locations map (PDF, 2.1 Mb)

Visiting Dorset Recreation Reserve

You can enjoy all the reserve has to offer by walking or riding along the Dorset Recreation Reserve.

Whilst Dorset Recreation Reserve is an off-leash area, dogs must kept on lead at all times on the track and within 15 metres of any organised sporting event, match or training session.

There are many access points to Dorset Recreation Reserve, with parking available in the car park off Jenkins Lane, Croydon.

How dog droppings can affect the environment

Victoria is home to 900,000 dogs which produce 90 tonnes of droppings every day. Approximately 15,000 of these dogs are registered to Maroondah City Council.

Dog droppings contain harmful toxins and can carry diseases such as Toxocara canis; a roundworm that can be passed onto humans. Sports players using the ovals, children and those with weak immune systems are most at risk of an infection if they come into contact with these toxins. These toxins can also live on in the soil long after dog droppings have decomposed.

To support the health and longevity of Maroondah’s waterways, bushland and playing areas, always carry a plastic bag, pick up after your pet and dispose of your rubbish in an appropriate way.

Further information

Council has produced a brochure about the effects of dog waste on the environment which is available online and at all Council’s Service Centres.

Find out more about litter prevention.

This project is funded through the Victorian Government’s Litter Hotspots Program and is supported by Maroondah City Council.

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