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Current Planning Scheme Amendments

Council can decide to amend the Maroondah Planning Scheme to achieve a desirable planning outcome or to support a new policy direction.

Amendments to the scheme have significant planning implications and can affect the wider community because they change the way land can be used or developed and change the basis for making planning decisions in the future, including decisions on development applications.

Any amendment to the scheme involves all the parties who may have an interest in the amendment, or may be affected by it. Therefore, Council will have to be certain that the amendment has planning merit and is consistent with the future strategic directions for the municipality before it proposes or supports an amendment.

If council resolves to prepare an amendment, it must then seek the Minister for Planning’s authorisation. Once council formally decides to prepare an amendment and the Minister authorises its preparation, the notice procedures in the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (called the exhibition period) must be undertaken. This ensures Ministers, public authorities and owners and occupiers of land that may be affected by the amendment know about it and invites inspection of the amendment and submissions of support or objection to Council. Notice procedures include letters to affected parties and publication of notices in the local press and the Government Gazette.

The exhibition period goes for approximately one month from the date when the notice is published in the Government Gazette, it may also go longer if the amendment is complex. Submissions must be lodged with Council within the exhibition period.

Current Amendments

Heathmont Activity Centre Planning Scheme Amendment C97

Ringwood East Activity Centre Planning Scheme Amendment C96

Amendment C107 – Ruskin Park

Amendment C108 – Wonga Road

Amendment C110 – 29 Bedford Road, Ringwood


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