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Croydon Civic Flood Mitigation works

Council has recently completed more than $2.5 million of flood mitigation works in Croydon in response to major flooding incidents in the precinct over the past few years.

About the works

Aerial view of flood mitigation works

Artist's impression looking southwards over new parking and continuous swale

Text  Description of aritst's impression looking south (txt, 1Kb)

Heavy rain fall incidents over the past few years showed that the current drainage in Civic Square, Croydon, was not adequate - resulting in roadways and properties in Lusher Road and near the corner of Civic Square and Birdwood Road being flooding.

As part of the 2013-14 Budget Council undertook major flood mitigation works in the precinct that not only addressed the flooding issues, but also provided a much needed increase in parking spaces for visitors to Aquahub.

Council has also created a new, larger carpark that also serves as a catchment area in times of heavy rainfall. This allows the water to be redirected into the newly created catchment area before flowing into a large open swale, which runs from the rear of the carpark, around the Fred Geale Oval and into Tarralla Creek at Norton Road.

  Bridge over flood mitigation swale

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Croydon flood mitigation swale near Fred Geale oval

Text  Description of impression of swale up to bridge (txt, 1Kb)

View the plans

 Croydon Civic flood mitigation works plans (PDF, 1.3mb)

 Description of Croydon Civic flood mitigation works plans (2kb)

Carpark improvement works

Major road and carpark improvement works were undertaken as part of the flood mitigation works including improving access to Aquahub for cars and buses, creating a new drop off area, additional accessible parking and a new carpark entrance off Birdwood Avenue.

The works have resulted in approximately 130 additional parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of Aquahub, which will address concerns identified as part of the Croydon Parking Strategy.

Why is this being done?

Road flooded with road closed signIn response to a number of heavy rain incidents that resulted in intense flooding in Civic Square Croydon, Council undertook an investigation to determine whether the way the stormwater drainage network design and management needed to be changed.

Council's underground stormwater drainage system has historically been designed to a capacity of a one in five year magnitude storm, which is consistent with the industry standard.

In the event of a storm of greater magnitude, the excess water is generally handled by designated overland flow paths, which are created along drainage gullys, creeks or other low land points.

In times of excessive rainfall Council needs to ensure that the drainage system and the designated overland flow paths have the capacity to handle the excess stormwater and work effectively to prevent properties from being flooded.

One of the major initiatives to come out of the investigation is the Croydon Civic Precinct Flood Mitigation project.

Further information

To discuss any matters relating to the project, please contact Council’s Project Engineer, Leon Lim on 9298 4276.

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