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Community Facilities Hire Policy

The Community Facilities Hire Policy contains the rationale and principles to enable consistent processes to be undertaken when hiring Council-owned community facilities.

The Policy provides an overarching framework that underpins the minimum standard processes for hiring Council-owned facilities for use by the local community.

The Policy states Council’s commitment to ensuring a consistent and transparent approach is undertaken when hiring Council facilities to the community, and considers the needs of the intended hirer, other facility users and the wider Maroondah community.

The Policy and associated Community Facilities Hire Handbook ensures the facilities are managed in an efficient and appropriate manner to ensure the safety of all users and the local community.

Community Facilities Hire Policy

  Community Facilities Hire Policy (pdf, 175kb)

  Community Facilities Hire Policy (doc, 98kb)

Further information

If you have any enquiries relating to the Community Facilities Hire Policy, contact Maroondah City Council's Leisure Services Planning and Policy Officer on 9294 5720.

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