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Corporate Philanthropy Increases Workers’ Productivity - Study

14 January 2015 

Source: ProBono Australia

A new study in the UK has found Working to benefit a good cause increases employee productivity by up to 30 per cent

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Early Wins to Grow Philanthropy and its Impact

2 December 2014

Source: ProBono Australia

Philanthropy Australia has delivered a submission  to the re-established Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership, setting out some early wins which can help grow philanthropy in Australia  

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Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership

20 November 2014

The Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership has been restablished. 

The Partnership’s role is to advise the Government on practical strategies to foster a culture of philanthropic giving, volunteering and investment in Australia. 

Information on Partnership members 

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2014 CSR Top 10 organisations revealed, lack of government leadership blamed for overall lag

10 June 2014

Source Marketing Magazine

A new report from by the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR).has found Australian organisations are falling behind when it comes to the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR), with lack of government and business leadership to blame. 

‘The State of Corporate Social Responsibility in Australia and New Zealand Annual Review’ is the largest ongoing research study into CSR capabilities and practices in Australia, and one of the largest in the world.

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ACCSR presents at APEC on Australian government’s CSR record

9 May 2014

Dr Leeora Black from Australian Centre for Corporate Socially Responsibility presented an analysis of the Australian government’s approach to CSR since 1996, at an APEC workshop held in early May in Santiago. Dr Black’s presentation also covered what governments can do to strengthen CSR. 

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Launching Corporate Community Online - A CSR Game-Changer

2 October 2013

Source: ProBono Australia

Pro Bono Australia - Australia’s leading social business resourcing the Not for Profit sector - has launched a new website: Corporate Community. 

Corporate Community aims to:

  • Educate businesses about the value and process of implementing social responsibility strategies into their business model.
  • Provide news and information on all aspects of CSR/Shared Value and community engagement from an Australian perspective whilst drawing on global research and best practice examples.
  • Allow member companies to profile their strategies, share their sustainability reports, discuss their community involvement and share their learnings.

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How Corporates Can Create a Competitive Advantage by Engaging Society

17 April 2013

Source: ProBono Australia

An opinion piece in how societal engagement can increase staff engagement, improve performance, launch more products, attract new customers, and enhance collaboration.

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Corporate giving isn't about making business feel good

5 April

Source: The Drum (ABC)

In this opinion piece, Dr Bronwen Dalton coordinator of the Not-for-Profit and Community Management Program at UTS Business School offers advice for businesses in measuring the impact of their corporate social responsibility programs

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Business a poster child for charity

17 March 2013

Source: news.com.au

An article that provides advice and guidance for businesses and community organisations in how best can Community Buisness partnerships work for their business /organisation. 

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Building Bridges with Corporate Citizenship

6 March 2013

Source: ProBono Australia

In this opinion piece, structural engineer and social justice advocate Tim McMinn explores the ways in which SMEs can become more actively involved in CSR activities.

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Landmark new research shows corporate philanthropy in Australia is opaque, confused and ineffectual

24 July 2012

Source: Catalyst Australia

This media release provides a summary of the following research from Catalyst Australia: “What gives? How companies invest in communities”

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Download 'What Gives?' Exec Summary | Full Report 

When it comes to community organisations, small can be beautiful

11 May 2012

Source: The Centre for Social Impact

An article about a release of a new resource Handbook: ‘Developing a Common Language between Corporations and Small Community Organisations’ which is intended to assist small community-based organisations forge closer relationships with companies and corporate foundations

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