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Simon McKeon, 2011 Australian of the Year 

Simon McKeonThese resources are here to assist local businesses in the Outer East develop successful community business partnerships by providing valuable partnership ideas, case studies and access to local community service providers seeking a partnership.

It is extremely important for the corporate world to invest in their local community in a meaningful and engaging manner, with consequences which provide positive outcomes for the community and the business alike.

A successful investment in the local community can provide strengthening of the brand, greater leverage in the marketplace, improved community standing, increased public profile, increased customer loyalty and improved staff retention (with increased pride in the company).

The business sector is becoming increasingly aware of the importance and benefits of corporate community investment. However questions might still arise as how best we do this. Ensuring the investment is meaningful and produces mutual benefits for the business and the community is critical.

In fostering partnerships between the community and business, Maroondah City Council is looking to capitalise on its previous work with the 2010 Conference: The Business Case for Community Partnerships and the training provided for community service providers on developing and maintaining successful community business partnerships.

If you are serious about quality improvements to your business I encourage you to invest in the community and take time to view the resources and information on offer here.

Simon McKeon
2011 Australian of the Year

View short video of an interview of Simon McKeon with Michael Short from The Age

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