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Burning Off

A permit is required prior to any burning off. There is a fee associated with the permit.  Download permit application (below) to see current fee.

Permit conditions

Incinerators have been banned since 15 December 1995.

Residents on properties greater than 10,000 m2 (1 hectare) may apply for a permit to burn in the open.

A permit will only be issued when:

  • there is no other practical way to dispose of the material
  • the material to be burnt is dry
  • neighbours are notified 24 hours prior to the burn
  • relevant fire brigade is notified at least 24 hours prior to the burn
  • burn can be conducted safely, with someone in attendance at all times the fire is alight
  • water is available on site at all times
  • the material to be burnt does not contain any rubber, plastic, oil, paint, chemicals, food scraps, green flora or other substance likely to cause a nuisance when burnt 
  • the material to be burnt is not the product of any building works (includes erection and demolition)
  • the property on which the burning is to take place is larger than one hectare (10,000sqm)
  • the material can be burnt within four hours
  • burn can be completed between 10.00am and 3.00pm on any day (excluding Sunday)
  • burn day must be notified to Local Laws.on 1300 88 22 33. 

Note:  Expense to the applicant of other methods of disposal of the material to be burnt is not a consideration in the issuing of a permit.

For further information contact Local Laws on 1300 88 22 33


Permit issue procedure

  1. Applicant submits permit application with fee to Council.
  2. Local Laws Officer inspects property.
  3. After inspection, if approved, the permit will be issued.

Permit application

PDF  Burning Off Permit application (PDF, 28kb)

MS Word  Burning Off Permit application (Doc, 30kb)


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