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Copies of plans and building documents

Council's Building Unit may have some documentation available for copying, however this is only as a result of applications that have been submitted for building works.

If you wish for Council to conduct a file search for documents you will need to complete an application form and pay the required fee. The fee is a search and administration free and is not refundable if documents are not available.

Applicants must be the current owner. If applicant is not the current owner, written consent from the current owner, or a completed Owners Authorisation form (see attachments below) will need to accompany the application form to obtain copies or view documents from the building file. An application form and owners authorisation form can be accessed by the below attachments.

The requirements of Building plans for a permit are not always detailed and therefore may not show all the information you require, such as plumbing/sewer details or any underground services and this will depend on the age of the document and the detail a draftperson/architect provided at the time.

Apply for a copy of building documents


Apply online for a copy of building documents

Alternatively you can fill in the forms below and return it to one of Council's Service Centres:

 Copy of Building Documents Application (PDF, 245 kB)

Word Copy of Building Documents Application (Docx, 115 kB)

Payment can be made by cheque/money order and posted or applications can be made and paid in person at any of the Council Service Centres.

More information

For further information, please contact Maroondah City Council Building Services
on 9298 4327

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