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Don't put up with arson

We need your help to stamp out arson in our local community

Don't put up with arsonFire authorities and police are calling on you to help stamp out arson by reporting any suspicious behaviour you see.

  • If you witness an arson attack call 000
  • If you have information about a suspicious fire, or who lit it, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or www.crimestoppers.com.au.

    Your information will be treated confidentially.

This will enable Victoria Police to get a better understanding of the areas at risk so they can focus their efforts on apprehending those responsible.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade program

Maroondah is taking part in a pilot program developed by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), designed to boost awareness and reporting of arson and lead to an increase in the number of people apprehended for committing arson.

The community safety campaign is also supported by Crime Stoppers, CFA and Victoria Police.

Maroondah and Knox City Councils are both taking part in the program, after research revealed more than a quarter of fires attended by emergency services in recent months were deliberately lit.

A study of incidents of arson over a three month period, from October to December 2012, has shown:

  • Firefighters attended 84 fires in Maroondah, 21 were deemed suspicious – 25%
  • Firefighters attended 112 fires in Knox, 32 were deemed suspicious – 28.6%
  • A further 24 suspicious fires (11 in Maroondah and 13 in Knox) were reported to police, but fire services did not attend

The fires were most commonly lit in parklands or reserves, with hot spots in close proximity to transport hubs and major arterial roads.

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