Active April – walking & bike paths

Maroondah walking paths

Maroondah has some fantastic walking paths and exercise facilities making it easy to exercise in under 30 minutes. It’s a great opportunity to compare your results against each other at the end of the challenge.

Exercising with other people can help you stay on track and motivated throughout the month.

Some popular walking paths in Maroondah include:

  • Ringwood Lake Circuit Walk 1.2km – 20 mins
  • Mullum Mullum Creek 800m – 20 mins
  • Wombolano Park & Sensory Trail – 20 min

View our range of walking paths in Maroondah.

Walking your dog in Maroondah

There are a number of parks and reserves in Maroondah that are designated as off-leash or on-leash for walking your dog. You can enjoy numerous health and social benefits by walking your dog a few times a week.

View the list of Maroondah’s parks and reserves that are accessible for dogs off-leash.

Maroondah bike paths

Bike riding is a wonderful activity to do individually, with your family or group of friends. Please see the the map for all bike paths within Maroondah.

Maroondah BMX and skate parks

Maroondah provides great facilities for skaters, bladers and BMX riders. Whether your thing is kickflips, tail whips, grinds or ollies, Maroondah has a park for all preferences and skill levels. Read more about BMX and skate paths in Maroondah.

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