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Acacia Catchment Drainage Upgrade

Council is committed to undertake flood mitigation works within the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre (RMAC) with works commencing within the Acacia Catchment.

This drainage catchment forms part of the North West Residential Precinct of the activity centre and includes Acacia Court, Nelson Street, Bourke Street and Browns Avenue and is bound by, and drains to the Melbourne Water controlled Mullum Mullum Creek to the north.

Council has engaged Engeny Water Management to undertake flood modelling and subsequent design of drainage upgrades for the catchment.

As part of the upgrades, Council is also proposing street beautification in this region with concept plans prepared by Urban Initiatives. Landscaping and Water Sensitive Urban Development (WSUD) elements.

Summary of the works

The drainage works include the construction of a new drainage outfall to the Mullum Mullum Creek at Acacia Court, as well as new drainage along Nelson Street (east of Browns Avenue), Browns Avenue and Bourke Street (east of Browns Avenue).

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) elements, including rain gardens within kerb outstands and behind kerb, will assist with capture of stormwater runoff and the treatment of low flow storm events to improve water quality prior to discharge to the Mullum Mullum Creek. WSUD elements will also include garden beds with porous trenches connected to kerb outlets.

Following completion of the drainage and Water Sensitive Urban Design elements, asphalt resurfacing works will be undertaken, including coloured threshold treatments at the intersections.

A public artwork will be also be commissioned as part of the works, to be located within Acacia Court in proximity to the Mullum Mullum Trail and the WSUD bed currently under construction.


This project has been funded by Council for the works to be staged over the coming years. The staging of the project is proposed as follows:

  • Stage 1 – Acacia Court Drainage Outfall – completed in November 2015
  • Stage 2A – Acacia Court WSUD – completed June to November 2016
  • Stage 2B – Acacia Court Public Artwork – 2017
  • Stage 3 – Nelson Street Drainage Upgrade – completed in March 2017
  • Stage 4 – Nelson Street, Browns Avenue, and Bourke Street Drainage Upgrade – in progress
  • Stage 5 – Streetscape and Landscaping Works – timing to be determined.

Stage 4 – Nelson Street, Browns Avenue and Bourke Street Drainage upgrade

Works are scheduled to commence on Wednesday 19 April 2017. It is anticipated that the works will be completed in approximately ten weeks, subject to weather conditions.

View the plans:

 Acacia Catchment Flood Mitigation Stage 4 Plans (PDF, 1,9 Mb)

View the plans

Plans can also be viewed from the links below, or by appointment at Council's City Offices in Braeside Avenue Ringwood.

 Acacia Drainage Plans (PDF, 1.5 Mb)

 Acacia Landscaping Concept Plans (PDF, 6.6 Mb)

 Acacia Traffic and Parking FAQ (PDF, 6.6 Mb)

Further information

Further updates will be provided to residents prior to commencement of works, however, if you would like to discuss any matter relating to the proposed works, please contact Council’s Project Engineer, Matthew Wright on 9298 4357.

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