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Beauty, Piercing, Tattooist

Hairdressing, Beauty, Piercing and Tattooist Premises Business Registration

The following premises must be registered with Council:

  • Hairdressing establishments
  • Beauty Parlours
  • Electrolysis establishments
  • Ear and Body Piercing establishments
  • Tattooist establishments

In order to register, the proprietor will need to submit a floor plan of the premises for approval to Council's Community Health Services. Floor plans need to include services, fittings, finishes and details of procedures that will occur in each area.

Before commencing trade, the premises will be checked for compliance by Council's Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and the proprietor will need to complete an Application to Register which is then lodged with the appropriate fees. The application form is normally provided to the proprietor by the EHO once the inspection for readiness to commence trading has been completed and the premises approved.

Once trading, proprietors must ensure their operations meet the standards of practice applicable to their particular type of premises and operations.

These standards are available from Council's Community Health Services at Civic Square, Croydon or telephone 1300 88 22 33. You can also visit the Department of Health website.

EHOs regularly inspect these types of premises throughout the year to ensure that the staff are complying with the standards of practice, and therefore are not transmitting infectious diseases through unhygienic practices.


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