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2017 BizWeek – ‘Meet the Young Entrepreneurs’

While they may only be aged in their 20s, these go-getting entrepreneurs are light years ahead of some of their older entrepreneurial peers.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, young entrepreneurs Cam Greenwood (Founder of Monsta Surf), Phillip Kuoch (Owner of Goldeluck’s Bakery), and Jake Wilson (Owner of Double Park Sidecar Coffee) all have an unrelenting drive to innovate and inspire new ideas.

And it’s not just about earning the big bucks that’s motivating these socially-conscious 20-somethings.

Council is giving people the chance to meet and hear from these young businessmen during a one-off special ‘Meet the Young Entrepreneurs’ networking event as part of 2017 BizWeek.

Discover their secrets to a successful business in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace, and find out what drives them to do what they do!

These inspiring young men have built their own empires – two of them running multiple businesses – with amazing results.

Come along and meet these three inspirational entrepreneurs and learn what makes them tick, how they got to where they are now and find out where they want to go next.

The ‘Meet the Young Entrepreneurs’ networking event is on Tuesday 8 August from 6pm-8pm at The Public Brewery, 13 Lacey Street, Croydon.

Cost: $40. Bookings essential.

To book your spot and for more details on this and other BizWeek events, visit the BizHub website or phone 9298 4320.

Meet the Gen-Y entrepreneurs ready to take on the world!

Cam Greenwood – Monsta Surf founder & CEO

Cam GreenwoodEntrepreneur, photographer, writer, speaker, aspiring philanthropist and self-confessed distruptor of the status quo, Cam Greenwood is inspiring people to live without limits, dream without fear and live passionately in every moment.

Ever since the Monsta Surf journey started with a drawing in 2012, Cam’s vision for the brand has been to use it as a platform to inspire people and give back, hence his motto ‘Purpose Over Profit’.

Under Cam’s leadership, he has empowered a large family of ambassadors, who he calls his ‘Monsta Surf Tribe’, to own his vision and make it become a reality. He has also dreamed the Monsta Foundation into existence which has been utilised to fund life-changing projects in Kenya and here in Australia.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always believed in having an incredible vision for your life that is so far out there that most people wouldn’t believe it,” he says.

In 2013, Cam released Monsta’s first range of clothing to the world – which has seen it grow and thrive in 35 countries!

“With nothing more than a fire for life and a crazy dream, I’m proud to have created Monsta Surf, a socially conscious brand that has reached millions,” says Cam.

“I believe that you must step out into the unknown if you want to thrive in today’s world.”

Cam is regularly called upon as a spokesperson for young entrepreneurs. When he speaks, people listen and he is constantly creating inspiring content and sharing his heart and soul with the world.

He has also been mentioned in SmartCompany, Australia’s premier publication for growth business and entrepreneurs, and has received exclusive sponsorships into both the CEO Circle and Florence Guild, where diverse minds collaborate and create.

Ultimately, Cam is striving to positively influence and impact this world through what he says and the way he lives.

“My aim is to inspire the future generation to chase their dreams and overcome obstacles through persistence and determination that comes from an inner strength found when living your life on purpose.”

Phillip Kuoch – Goldeluck’s Bakeshop owner

Phillip KouchWith a talent for baking, a head for business and an eye for innovation, Phillip Kuoch has all the right ingredients of a young entrepreneur on the up and up.

The Monash University student – yes, he’s also in his final year of a double degree in journalism and marketing – says it’s been a ‘sweet ride’ since he took over Goldeluck’s Bakeshop in Croydon South two years ago.

The brainchild of the now-famous Dossant® – a croissant-doughnut hybrid pastry – Phillip says that what started out as a typical bakery when he first took it over, has become so well known for its specialty doughnuts that people queue up for them at 5.30am!

Not content with just the bakeshop, Phillip is bringing the bakeshop’s specialty doughnuts to pop-up stores around Melbourne.

“I’m still amazed that people travel from all corners of Melbourne to try our dossants and doughnuts. To meet this demand and to help avoid disappointment, I developed a website with an online store so that customers could reserve them before they arrived. This provided us with new data to measure demand and trends,” Phillip says.

What’s more, their ‘traditional pasties’ were recognised by the Baking Association of Australia as one of the best in country in the 2016 National Pie and Pastie Competition.

“My plan is to continue building brand awareness through festivals and pop-up shops around Melbourne and sometime in the near future expand into another store that is more accessible to people in Melbourne.”

Phillip is no stranger to the world of business, having started his first online business at the tender age of 16 selling advertising space to big media corporates, including MTV Asia and Universal Music.

 “The most valuable thing I’ve learnt most over these last few years is that sometimes you just have to take a risk, throw yourself into deep water and then figure out what to do next. I know this isn’t probably what we’re taught to do but the world is changing rapidly and if we spend too much time planning, someone else will take up the opportunity first. So get in there first!”

Jake Wilson – Double Park Sidecar Coffee owner

Jake WilsonAt just 25, Jake Wilson is riding the entrepreneurial wave with a variety of ventures, and is making his mark wherever his ideas take him.

Along with his custom-engineered vintage mobile coffee cart, Double Park Sidecar Coffee, and co-owning and managing a commercial cleaning company, Jake is well on the way towards establishing his own personal practice in consulting and mentoring, with the aim of sharing his story and empowering like-minded young entrepreneurs.

“I love the hustle, I love the grind. I really love working towards something that is purposeful and something that is meaningful, I guess that’s how I define my life. I really don’t want to sit around and wait. For me, my personal race is to build businesses and build up young entrepreneurs under me. I was lucky enough to have people around me that actually showed me that way,” says Jake.

Double Park Sidecar Coffee, launched earlier this year by he and his business partner, is already proving successful, with talks of adding a second coffee cart. 

Double Park was in Federation Square last week, as one of the sponsors of this year’s National NAIDOC Week, serving coffee to around 5000 people!

Buying his first company at age 21 was for Jake his “entrepreneurial moment”. Today his commercial cleaning company is a self-sustaining business with 10 employees.

Although for Jake, all this has little meaning unless he can give back.

From volunteering at an Indonesian rural island hospital and school and orphanage in the Philippines, to giving his time freely at the Discovery Church in Mount Evelyn, Jake says giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur, or anyone, can do.

“Volunteering is definitely a big part of it. I don’t do everything for money. If it’s purposeful and it’s got direction and it’s worth doing, then I’ll do it, whether there’s money there or not,” he says.

So where to next for someone so wise beyond his years and who has accomplished so much in such a short period of time?

“I can’t tell you exactly where I’ll be (five years from now), but I know what I’ve been built to do, and that’s to create and start businesses and bring people along, and coach them along the way – wherever I am in the world and whatever I’ll be doing.”

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