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2017 BizWeek – Meet Dianne McGrath

Mars One astronaut candidate preparing for the mission of a lifetime

20 July 2017

Dianne McGrath

By boldly pinning her aspirations to the wall in applying to be an astronaut in the first human expedition to Mars, Dianne McGrath hopes to encourage others to take their next giant leap forward, whatever it may be.

As a guest speaker at next month’s Maroondah 2017 BizWeek, Dianne McGrath will amaze as she shares her journey as a ‘Mars One’ astronaut candidate and inspires you to shoot for the stars.

From the more than 200,000 people worldwide to apply for a one-way ticket to the red planet – set to blast off in 2031 – only 100 candidates remain in the running. Dianne is one of them.

While this makes for a great story, there is so much more to the woman who believes in what she is doing that much, she is willing to die for it!

Sustainability consultant, PhD researcher in Environmental Engineering, blogger, experimenter, influential public speaker and self-proclaimed biohacker, Dianne’s background is as diverse as it is fascinating.

She is a leader, team player, project manager and creative problem solver, subscribing to her own personal theory that, “if you see life as an experiment, it gives you permission to fail, to succeed and to learn”.

With a special interest and growing expertise in sustainable food systems, this is something that will be critical in creating a completely new environment on Mars for human habitation.

Dianne is also regularly called upon as a motivational speaker, having presented to more than 250,000 people at various corporate and social education events. And when she speaks, people listen.

This is about a woman having a vision, being courageous and determined. Empowering.

So what motivates a person to abandon everything, never to see loved ones again, in the hope of spending the rest of her life on a harsh, unforgiving planet?

“It’s about not being afraid to chase big goals, because extraordinary things happen along the journey. For me that may be Mars, but for many people that could be upturning their entire life to move to another country for a job, starting up your own business, or deciding to have children, or aiming for the next Melbourne Marathon,” she says.

“I want to be part of the journey that could drastically change life on Earth as we know it. That includes providing women out there with a role model in what are currently male dominated fields, and to shift their own expectations on their futures.”

Don’t miss your chance to hear Dianne tell us why she wants to go where there is no return to Earth, and how each of us can lead an extraordinary life and make a difference.

The 2017 BizWeek Eastland Experience – ‘from Ordinary to Extraordinary’ is on Monday 7 August, from 9.30am-12pm, at Hoyts Eastland, 171-175 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood.

Cost: $40. Book in early to avoid disappointment as there are only a limited number of seats.

Please note: Valet parking will be provided to the first 50 attendees to book and pay.

To book your spot and for more details on this and other BizWeek events, visit the BizHub website or phone 9298 4320.

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