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Maroondah’s Youth Strategy shows the way forward

4 July 2017

yoth strategy

Following Council’s largest ever youth consultation, we officially endorsed our Youth Strategy at the Council Meeting on Monday 26 June. The new strategy will help guide the delivery of vital services and support to people aged 10-25 years and their families across Maroondah.

The development of the Youth Strategy was informed by extensive research and community consultation with more than 5000 young people, as well as youth service providers, the community, parents and carers.

Maroondah Mayor Councillor Tony Dib said the responses provided during the consultation phase helped to identify how young people in Maroondah felt, and provided suggestions for how things can be improved for them locally.

“It is important to Council that the Youth Strategy reflects and meets the needs of Maroondah’s young people aged 10 to 25 years,” Cr Dib said.

“The endorsed Youth Strategy will ensure that Council plays an active role in engaging with young people, and that we continue to respond to their needs and deliver best practice services,” he said.

Cr Dib thanked all those who took the time to comment and provide input during the public exhibition period of the draft Youth Strategy, before it was presented to Council for consideration.

While normally renewed every four years, the Youth Strategy will no longer have a set end-date. Instead, it will be reviewed every two years and renewed when required.

Young people make up a significant portion of the Maroondah community, with approximately 22,200 people aged 10 to 25 living in the municipality. This represents about 20% of Maroondah’s resident population, or one in five of the city’s residents.

Cr Dib said extensive consultation had been undertaken by Council’s Youth Services Team to ensure young people had an active voice in the strategy.

This included a wellbeing survey of 4777 students between the ages of 10 to 20 from 19 different education settings, including primary, secondary and TAFE.

Results from the 2016 Maroondah Wellbeing Survey, conducted in partnership with The University of Melbourne, found that 78% of young people surveyed reported that life is going well.

Those surveyed also reported relatively high levels of gratitude, with 87.6% of those surveyed indicating that they have so much in life to be thankful for. However, half of the young people surveyed reported that they worry a lot and get stressed easily.

“The consultation results have formed a critical component of the Youth Strategy’s evidence base, to ensure that it is informed by a full understanding of the current needs and issues affecting young people in Maroondah, as told by young people and the broader community,” Cr Dib said.

“Council has listened to Maroondah’s young people and the community, and the Youth Strategy is Council’s response and commitment to supporting our young people in the most effective ways possible,” he said.

The Maroondah City Council Youth Strategy is available here and on Council’s dedicated youth website.

Alternatively, you can contact Maroondah’s Youth Services Team for a copy of the strategy on 9294 5704.

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