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Bringing energy efficiency to the streets of Maroondah

1 June 2017

sreet lights

Phase 2 of the Maroondah Street Light Energy Efficiency Project Changing the Globe is now complete, seeing 310 street lights replaced with LEDs throughout the streets of Croydon and Croydon North.

Cr Paul Macdonald, a representative on the Maroondah Environment Advisory Committee, said the LED lighting system selected by Council is approved by AusNet Services, who own the lighting infrastructure in the area.

“By changing the existing 80-watt mercy vapour lamps on residential streets to LED lights across the city, we are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, reducing our energy and maintenance costs and making light levels more consistent across the city,” said Cr Macdonald.

Almost 40 per cent of the project has been completed to date (2170 lights) and, once complete, the whole project will involve upgrading approximately 5600 lights.

The LED lighting system selected by Council have been tested to ensure that it meets Australian Standards in relation to both safety and light levels and is approved by AusNet, who own the lighting infrastructure in the area.

“Victorian trials have demonstrated the superior performance of these globes. Specifically, the LED lights will bring greater uniformity of light across and along the street; better colour rendering and visibility; and less depreciation of the light output over time. The main body of the light and the LED chips will last around 20 years and the light sensors around 10 years,” said Cr Macdonald.

“As an added sustainability bonus, around 98 percent of the old light bulbs will be recycled, too, whether into glass wool insulation for homes, amalgam for the dental industry or components such as steel screws and copper wires,” said Cr Macdonald.

“Most pleasing will be the impact on greenhouse emissions and energy costs. Council will save around 126 tonnes of greenhouse emissions per year, which is equivalent to removing 33 cars from the road annually,” Cr Macdonald said.

“Our energy consumption and associated costs will be reduced by around 77 per cent which is an important step towards making Maroondah a cleaner, greener and more sustainable city,” said Cr Macdonald.

For more information phone Council on 1300 88 22 33 or 9298 4598.

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