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Word Me Up

31 May 2017

arts incubator

Exploring language and the written word will be the focus of an upcoming ‘Art Incubator’ at Realm’s ArtSpace, where visitor participation is a must.

Artist and writer Richard Holt returns to ArtSpace from 29 May to 18 June celebrating text and the written word as part of WordMeUp, and you’re invited to leave your own written mark on the space.

Mr Holt said visitors to Word Me Up would be encouraged to “roll up their sleeves” by adding their own interpretation of text through writing, drawing and creative means, and watching it evolve over the course of a three-week period.

He said the beauty of interactive incubators was not knowing what shape they would take from beginning to end.

“Arts Incubators, as we’re defining them, are about spaces that allow for a more hands-on experience. It’s an opportunity for people to become part of the space,” Mr Holt said.

“I hope this will be an enjoyable experience that encourages people to create words and to leave those words for other people,” he said.

Arts Incubators transform ArtSpace at Realm with multi-dimensional creations that evolve time through the interactions of artists and visitors. Writers, performers, digital and visual artists invite you to be part of their world as they take up residency in ArtSpace.

Mr Holt’s first arts incubator, Text Me, also focused on writing – the space featuring a typewriter, desk chalk and pin board – the rest being left up to visitors to fill in the blanks.

“It’s an environment of words, where words then go onto create a physical environment,” Mr Holt added.

In an age of tech-savvy youngsters, it was also a chance for them to explore language differently.

“One of the great things last year in Text Me, typewriters proved to be a technology that turned things around – it was the grown-ups showing the younger generation how they worked!”

WordMeUp includes a series of workshops and special events including writing workshops, an Open Mic session for writers to read their work and a display of Pulp Fiction in the Curator’s Cabinets.

For more on Arts Incubators at Artspace at Realm, visit the Arts in Maroondah website.

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